Life Coaching

What areas of your life would you like to improve? How about your health, or finances? What about your career or work-life balance? Do you feel that your relationships are strong and supportive?

Simply put, life coaching is about improving the quality of your life. If you focus on one area, say health, it will lead to knock-on improvements in other areas, such as your relationships.

It may be that you don’t know what you want – and that’s fine, it’s part of your story, and the start of your journey. You have everything you need within you, sometimes it just needs someone to point out where you hid the key to unlock it.

Alec offers life coaching sessions online or, where practical, in a space that the coachee feels comfortable, such as their home, walking in the outdoors, or even at his kitchen table. He makes a decent cup of coffee, something he picked up from his years working in Colombia and Ecuador.

As with all coaching sessions, the agenda is set by the coachee, and Alec works as the facilitator of the discussion, covering topics such as:

As a coach, Alec doesn’t have the answers. You do. As the facilitator, Alec guides the coaching dialogue, asking powerful questions that allow you, the client, the space to manage your own learning, maximise your potential, develop the skills necessary, and enable you to become the person you want to be. Remember, your past does not equal your future and coaching will support you to design the way forward.

In each session, Alec starts from where you are and with the agenda that you bring and guides you to the outcome that you’ve agreed. Alec will use questions such as:

What’s been working for you since our last session?

What hasn’t been working for you?

What do you need most from me today?

What is the biggest change you’re prepared to make today?

What could we work on that would make the biggest difference to your life

What’s on your mind? What else?

How does this goal align with your values?

The questions, in and of themselves, are simple enough. It’s the way Alec holds you accountable for your answers that makes the coaching conversation different from your own, internal, personal dialogue. In general, as people, we’re great planners but terrible doers. As your coach, Alec holds you accountable to yourself and the work that you’re doing.

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