Coaching for your:

Welcome to a personalised coaching approach. 

One to one coaching for you as an individual. 

Coaching programmes to improve your team’s performance. 

Coaching that guarantees measurable results. 

I am an executive, leadership and personal coach, and consultant. I am here to empower you to:

Overcome your inner critic and thrive in your life and career

Be the best leader you can be

Develop strong, authentic relationships

I will inspire and empower you to live by your values, face your fears, grow with courage, humility and discipline, and transform your life.

Alec Jiggins MA, NPQH, BA (Hons), FCCT, FRSA

Alec’s Coaching Philosophy

Alec’s mission is to inspire, empower and transform you, to live authentically, so that you can have a positive impact on yourself, your family, friends, colleagues, and the world around us.

Alec’s coaching approach respects that each client is on their journey and moving at their own pace.

Alec works empathetically, patiently, and creatively to build a supportive and safe environment for you to think about what is important in your life, to explore possibilities, and to build solid foundations for progress.

Alec is an experienced and resourceful coach and trainer who has worked in both the nonprofit and corporate spaces in a range of leadership roles across seven countries. Working together, you will co-create a relationship that will give you the freedom to express your thoughts, fears, and dreams openly, without judgement or consequences.

All coaching requires you, the client, to step outside of your comfort zone, and that requires courage, humility and discipline. Your personal journey moves you from your current state to a future, desired state. The coaching dialogue accompanies you on this journey, where you will develop deeper self-understanding and resolve internal, personal challenges. Clients move from a state of uncertainty and limiting self-beliefs, to a stronger platform of authenticity and empowering beliefs, from which they can achieve more of their potential, become more effective at work, and live a richer and fuller personal life.

Alec encourages his clients to think and dream big. Alec has himself overcome many challenges in his personal and professional life through work with his own coach, so he provides an empathetic and supportive space for his clients to explore new opportunities and ways of thinking.

Together with Alec, you will co-create a supportive coaching environment for you to bring about transformational changes in your:


Rewrite your scripts

Improve your quality of life by rewriting the limiting scripts that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

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